Supporting Picture in Picture (PIP) in iOS application

Introduction iOS 9 had brought some multitasking enhancements mainly for iPads. One of which is Picture in Picture (PIP) mode for video playback. In short, PIP allows user to leave the application and continue to watch a video in a floating resizable window. Also, the user can continue to use its iPad normally, without interrupting a…More

iOS design patterns — Part 2 (VIPER)

In the first part, here, we toured on MVC, MVP and MVVM, three of the most famous design patterns used in iOS application development. This final part will explore the VIPER design pattern. Lately, VIPER is treated as the extended version of MVVM which provides more modularity as compared to its contenders. It basically comprises…More

iOS design patterns — Part 1 (MVC, MVP, MVVM)

Design patterns have always helped in building a manageable, testable, reusable and optimized software. Generally, it helps in modularizing the software such that each component is separate and handles a single responsibility. Additionally, they drastically improve the readability of the code which plays a big role in communicating the software code. Also, the software development…More